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Estate Planning 

Living Trusts, Last Will &Testaments, Power of Attorney 

Living Trust

By creating/amending a Living Trust with, you help protect your estate/assets, and ensure that your estate is properly distributed upon your demise. By predetermining a trustee and future beneficiaries, our office will help you detail the terms of the inheritance.


Last Will & Testament

In conjunction with a Living Trust, our estate planing package prepares a Last Will and Testament to support and uphold the conditions and distribution of an estate detailed in the trust, and the subsequent remaining property .

Power Of Attorney

Included in the estate planning package, clients can designate a person to assume the role of Power of Attorney in the event they are unable to manage their finances.

Estate Planning

Our office prepares estate planning documents with years of expertise in the field. In preparing estate planning documents like Last Will and Testaments, Living Trusts, and Power of Attorney documents, our clients work directly with an attorney to create a comprehensive plan that will ensure and protect their interests.

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